This way you register

  1. For more information, please see our website or contact the Life@FAU Administrative Office. All documents and forms can be downloaded from the website.
  2. Doctoral candidates must submit the following documentation with their applications:
    1. Completed Application form or
      online application with confirmation of supervisors for online registration.
      For members of a Research Training Group, the Application form for members of research training groups is to be used (attachments like curriculum vitae, etc. do not have to be attached to the application. The documents are confirmed by the signature of the speaker or coordinator).
    2. CV
    3. Brief summary of your doctoral project
    4. Copy of the agreement with your supervisor
  3. Applications are to be submitted to the Life@FAU Administrative Office; from here, they are sent for review by the chairperson or deputy chairperson of the Steering Committee every two weeks. In any case of doubt, the Steering Committee as a whole will decide on whether a candidate should be admitted.
  4. Doctoral candidates will be informed by the office if they have been admitted to the Life@FAU programme; if an application is rejected, reasons for this will be provided
  5. A record of study will be supplied to doctoral candidates as soon as admission has been approved.
  6. The record of study is used to document the achievements of a candidate. Each doctoral candidate is responsible for obtaining confirmation of achievements. Doctoral candidates are required to report on their progress during annual meetings with the Supervision Committee. Their record of study provides proof that doctoral candidates have completed training modules. The minutes of meetings will be documented in summarised form. Doctoral candidates are required to submit this summary to the Life@FAU Administrative Office.
  7. When a candidate has acquired their doctorate (oral exam) and completed all training modules, they will be issued with a certificate confirming successful participation in the programme. A copy of the doctoral degree certificate must be submitted to the Life@FAU Administrative Office. It is possible to submit the doctoral degree certificate afterwards. A preliminary certificate can be provided prior to the issue of the doctoral degree certificate if the doctoral candidate requires this for application purposes.