Record of study and important forms

Documentation of the training modules

A record of study (Studienbuch) is used to document the achievements of each candidate. Each doctoral fellow is responsible for obtaining confirmation of achievements. The record of study and compliance with training module requirements will be reviewed during meetings with the Supervision Committee.


You can download the record of study forms here:

Form Guest Speaker Seminars
Form Information on research proposal / project outline
Form Jour Fixe
Form Meeting Mentoring Committee
Form Public Relations


Supervision agreements:

Supervision Agreement Dr. biol. hum. (de)
Supervision Agreement Dr. med. / Dr. med. dent. (de)
Supervision Agreement Dr. rer. nat


Forms for medical students:

Confirmation of planned research activity (full-time)
Confirmation of research activity (full-time)


IZKF medical students also submit the following form after completing their full-time research activity:

Form interim status completed training modules (german)
Regulations IZKF programme for medical students



When a candidate has acquired their doctorate (oral exam) and completed all training modules, they will be issued with a certificate confirming successful participation in the programme. A copy of the doctoral degree certificate must be submitted to the Life@FAU office for this purpose (it is also possible to submit the doctoral degree certificate afterwards). A preliminary certificate can be provided if the doctoral candidate requires this for application purposes.